Stcc / Camaro Cup / Knutstorp

Stcc / Camaro Cup / Knutstorp 2011

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Great Ideas at STCC/Idea of the Month/January 2013
Congratulations to Dolly Opper and her colleagues Myrna Rivera-Sablak and Lynn McDonald for their Great Idea at STCC for the month of January 2013. Their suggestion to redesign the Student Success Center resulted in the removal of old partitions, and the addition of new desks and carpeting. Students and staff can now easily see when computers are available and students can ask for assistance without leaving their desks. To learn more about STCC's Student Success Center visit to learn more about Great Ideas at STCC visit

Camaro Cup
Camaro Cup

Team Bring's Racing -- Leader of Camaro Cup Sweden 2010 -- and sponsors
Camaro Cup. Racing team: Bring's Racing. Drivers: Alexander Graff and Tomas Engström . Photographer: Magnus Tamelander Music: Helltrain Camera: Canon 5D mark II.

STCC - Cup-Camaro auf Jyllandsringen GP
Just a sightseeing tour - thx to the creators of this mod / track...