Willie's 500 horsepower MK3 Toyota Supra @ CWF Dyno

Willie's Supra: Stock 7m with 67mm turbo and supporting fuel modifications.

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F&H Performance 800hp MK3 Supra
mk3 supra 800hp

1600HP MK3 Supra Street Pulls - "The Great White"
1600HP(1489whp) MK3 Supra - "The Great White" @precisionturbo 8685

67mm E-85 7M Supra cold start
My 1991 Toyota Supra. Built 7M engine, Comp turbo billet 67mm turbo, BC 272 cams, FIC 1350 injectors, E-85, newly installed tubular T-4 Exhaust manifold. Starting it up for the second time after letting it coldsoak last night (doing the initial burnoff of the header wrap). The tune is VERY poor at the moment, but it still runs. :D

Sean's mk3 supra 7mgte @ CWF Dyno 750 + horsepower !!
Sean's supra Dyno runs..750+ horsepower WOW!! Stock block record!! 7mgte !! CWF Dyno SEE ALSO: http://www.streetfire.net/video/Dyno-runs-from-cwf-Dyno-services_2370932.htm