Willie's 500 horsepower MK3 Toyota Supra @ CWF Dyno

Willie's Supra: Stock 7m with 67mm turbo and supporting fuel modifications.

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F&H Performance 800hp MK3 Supra
mk3 supra 800hp

Sean's mk3 supra 7mgte @ CWF Dyno 750 + horsepower !!
Sean's supra Dyno runs..750+ horsepower WOW!! Stock block record!! 7mgte !! CWF Dyno SEE ALSO: http://www.streetfire.net/video/Dyno-runs-from-cwf-Dyno-services_2370932.htm

67mm E-85 7M Supra cold start
My 1991 Toyota Supra. Built 7M engine, Comp turbo billet 67mm turbo, BC 272 cams, FIC 1350 injectors, E-85, newly installed tubular T-4 Exhaust manifold. Starting it up for the second time after letting it coldsoak last night (doing the initial burnoff of the header wrap). The tune is VERY poor at the moment, but it still runs. :D

SEXY Maria plays $500 game in 1200HP Supra!
Click here for more videos ► http://bit.ly/1HZU52L TRC collaborated with the beautiful Maria Doroshina to see how she does at the old “$100 bill game” in our 1200bhp Toyota Supra. We decided to make things a little more interesting and play the game with FIVE $100 bills taped to the dashboard. How do you think she did?? **Follow Maria on her instagram: @Doroshina For more cars and boobs follow us on IG: @thatracingchannel TRC Supra Mods: Real Street Performance built 3.0L (stock compression) Manley engine internals Precision 7675 turbo Porting Solutions race port head Powerhouse Racing S45 turbo Manifold Powerhouse Racing Triple Walbro pump setup GSC S2 cams Stock intake manifold (Hypertune intake coming soon!) clutch masters fx850 clutch E85 fuel