Tib vs. C3 Vette

S/Ced Tib running 4 psi. (showing 2 psi on gauge b/c headers without CAT) I don't know what vette has My first time in 3 years haha

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How to release a C3 Corvette's hood that won't release
This is a video on how I was able to get my 1979 Corvette hood to release. I also show a couple of other reasons why one may not release. I figured since it took me a few days to do it I could possibly help some other people out. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. Thanks.

Corvette POWER
Corvette POWER

SFR's Turbo Tiburon running 11sec
Seoulfulracing.com's turbo Tiburon runs @ Drag events!

Lambo race tiburon
me in my tiburon trying to keep up with lambo gallardo