Roll over Volvo 240

Thomas Kristiansson och Christer Carlsson roll over with there Volvo 240 at SS6 during the Midnattssolsrallyt 2012.Sweden

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Rally Hedemarken 2013, HVAMBSAHL INBOARD VOLVO 240 rulling
Oppsummering av dagen i film: Bilbrann Vidar Kristensen på slutten av SS3, normal kjøring SS5 og avkjøring med rulling SS7.

Trafikmagasinet testar Volvo 240 (1992)
Volvo 240 testas i Trafikmagasinet 1992-11-02

Old-School Volvo 244DL/264DL Airbag Crash Tests
Very old, low-quality footage, but I found worth sharing. Mostly high-speed impacts, some with full-sized Ford and Chevrolet sedans. But all demonstrating prototype airbag systems.

Two Excavators in Deep Shit - Heavy Recovery - Terribärgarn, Sweden
Stockholm Sweden, Two excavators are stuck in deep mud. An 35 ton heavy excavator was removing a temporary construction road. Halfway done, the excavator sank in the blue clay. A recovery company was assigned. The result was devestating.