2009 CTS-V stock exhaust vs. Corsa axleback exhaust

I strongly advise using earphones for this video for best audio output. I compare the stock mufflers with the Corsa axleback Exhaust in my 2009 CTS-V (automatic) at Idle Revs at rest Acceleration on the freeway Ambient noise at freeway speed The primary changes with the Corsa are loss of drone at low rpms, and louder, deeper Exhaust tone at WOT.

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0-120 in a 2009 CTS-V: one handed
Do not try this at home, especially if you only have one arm. Wish I had a passenger! Anyone care to join me, even if I am a bit insane?

top speed cts-v
CTS-V with tuning and bost 1 bar 568whp

2009 Cadillac CTS-V Flowmaster custom dual system by Kinney's
This 2009 CTS-V now has a look and sound that matches the rest of the Cadillac. This factory supercharged 6.2 liter can now breathe like it is supposed to thanks to Kinney's Custom System. This unique power producing system starts with a "Hydro-formed" X-pipe followed by 2.50 complete mid and axle pipes. At the rear is a perfectly tucked away set of Flowmaster Super 44 series mufflers. Finally to finish off we installed a sharp looking set of our very own Elite Black "Viper" tips. The ultra high temp mat finish looks bold and absolutely perfect for the car. This combination of components allows for a rich and famous Flowmaster sound outside the Cadillac while maintaining a clean and relatively drone free interior. Kinney's can fabricate any of it's custom systems in stainless steel or heavy duty aluminized tubing. We do not build any of our unique custom systems to ship or sell over the counter. We require your vehicle in house only to deliver the absolute fit and finish we are known and respected nationally for. Contact us today to schedule your vehicle in today! Be sure to visit our one of a kind awesome website to see and hear more of our fantastic work. Like us on facebook to get our latest product announcements and project completion albums and videos. Doing performance Exhaust the right way since 1978. www.kinneysmufflershop.com

2012 Cadillac CTS V; Kooks Headers; X-Pipe & High Flow CATS; Stock exhaust; Idle/in city driving
CAI; 2;55 upper; id 850 injectors; Aquamist Methanol injection; HX; big pump; amongst other things