Modifications To The Mercury Cougar Front Suspension 1968

8th Part of the Mercury Cougar restoration. Stiffening up the old Cougar front end so it will have a chance to grab the road better.

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Spartan Locker Install Ford 8.8 Differential F150
Putting a locker in old Crusty, a 1992 Ford f150. Removing the spider gears cured the vibration from the rear end.

Upper Control Arm Bushing Replacement on the 1968 Mercury Cougar
9th Part of the Mercury Cougar restoration. Bushing removal, a worn cross shaft and a worn bushing are looked at in this episode.

1968 Mercury Cougar Fender Patch
7th part of the Mercury Cougar restoration. This video covers a previously patched fender and how it was attached to the car. Some additional patches and mounting points are added economy style.

1968 Mercury Cougar Trunk Issues
Part 3 of the 1968 Mercury Cougar restoration. The trunk is finally opened on the Cougar to reveal more rust. Sorry about all the camera noise and what not in this one.