Track Time! Hot Wheels Stunt Circuit 5-Pack

This gift pack has an awesome Custom Ford Bronco! Let's see how many cars it can jump after going through a loop! Synkro, Power Sander, Gearonimo and Killer Copter too. Well, that last one, not so much... (MORE) Trackin' Trucks with Bone Shaker Team Hot Wheels Playlist AcceleRacers Playlist

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Heads-Up! Toys R Us $3 HW & MB 5-Packs
SALE ENDS JUNE 29 at Toys R US. Hot Wheels and Matchbox 5-Packs! I picked up 7-packs. Go get'cha some! Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Automotion Speedway 5-Pack and Track Set Track Time! Hot Wheels Stunt Circuit 5-Pack Jack Hammer and Spine Buster Return in Attack Pack 5-Pack Matchbox Adventure Links Police Headquarters Review

Power Rangers Mega Force Action Set From HotWheels
I picked up this play set at Toys R Us for about $20. It came with one car but there are other Power Ranger-themed cars available in single packs. More links are down here: Micro Machines Power Rangers Batman Scion AcceleRacers Drone Sweeper

Ralphs Hot Wheels Christmas Tree And Mini-Launcher Set
I don't recall ever seeing a track set this small. Perfect for a stocking stuffer!

Track Time! 2013 M-Case Shout-Outs!
Thanks for your suggestions for Track Time from my 2013 M-Case unboxings. I took 16 of your suggestions. If you just want to get to the action, skip to 8:40 to see the Elimination Race match-ups. Skip to 16:40 for the oval racing with a Booster and a loop! Here's the list of models picked. Remember, I only give ONE shout-out so if multiple people requested the same car, only ONE person gets the shout-out. If you want to increase your odds, pick a model that fewer people are requesting =) '69 Dodge Charger Daytona (Fast & Furious) Fire Eater (Treasure Hunt) Porsche 918 Spyder turbo Turret 70's Toyota Celica Kool Kombi Mig Rig Honda S2000 Bump Around '71 Dodge Challenger Quick N Sik Acura NSX Bulletproof 3-Window '34 Surfin' School Bus Sky Knife. No Really.