Track Time! Hot Wheels Stunt Circuit 5-Pack

This gift pack has an awesome Custom Ford Bronco! Let's see how many cars it can jump after going through a loop! Synkro, Power Sander, Gearonimo and Killer Copter too. Well, that last one, not so much... (MORE) Trackin' Trucks with Bone Shaker Team Hot Wheels Playlist AcceleRacers Playlist

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Ralphs Hot Wheels Christmas Tree And Mini-Launcher Action Launcher Set w/Bone Shaker
I don't recall ever seeing a track set this small. Perfect for a stocking stuffer! Came with a regular Bone Shaker.

Track Time Wavy Lanes NASCAR
(Re-Upload) If you have 3-car match suggestions, post them in the comments at this link: The track set used in this video is the Hot Wheels Downhill Raceway Race Set. As I state in the video, I don't have very many NASCAR-related cars. I like to collect toy cars so I do have the samples shown in the video. I picked these because they have plastic tires. I don't have very many rubber-tire releases because they are slow in the downhill gravity races. NASCAR releases also tend to be much higher priced. I assume it is because of the cost of the NASCAR license as well as the sponsor logo's on the cars. The rubber tires add to the cost of the models as well. When I realized that drivers frequently got different paint schemes, I decided that I wasn't going to get that involved in collecting the cars. If you're a fan of NASCAR, I can understand that you would like to get examples of each of the cars of your favorite driver. Keep in mind, this is circa 1998-2000 paint jobs # 3 Goodwrench Service # 5 Kelloggs (Tony The Tiger) # 9 Cartoon Network #22 Cat (Caterpillar) #32 Tide #36 Skittles Wild Berry #41 (Daytona 500) #44 Hot Wheels #44 Pepsi 400 #44 Hot Wheels (silver chrome) #50 (Boy Scouts, Character Counts) #55 Square D #94 McDonalds #97 John Deere #99 Citgo The Annotations at the end of the video are: M-Case Track Time! KMart Funny Car box set Team Hot Wheels Truckin Transporter Power Rangers Mega Force Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

HILARIOUS Cars that Actually Exist
What in the world would we do without cars? They get us where we need to go every single day. They can impress people with their luxury features and brand names.And yes- they can give people a good giggle from time to time. Here are twenty hilarious cars for when you need to rev’ up the laughter in your day. Subscribe to Talltanic 8.Get Schooled The wheels on the bus go… upside down? We want to say that this twist on a traditional yellow school bus is some type of artistic statement, but that really doesn’t seem to be the case. However, it is apparently a political statement made by the talented Brit Steve Braithwaite and his business partner Tom Brown. These names aren’t familiar, but the name of the man who thought of the concept for the bus might be- Ben Cohen of the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream dynasty.It took six months of hard work and welding in order to fuse the two school buses together. But why upside down? They say the bus is meant to protest government spending, which seems to be so corrupt that it's’ upside down. Indeed, the government spending in the educational sector definitely needs some brushing up , and we commend this bus. But it might cause more car wrecks from confused drivers double taking rather than actually produce change. Congrats to Ben Cohen and company for schooling us on conceptual buses. Who knew the ice cream genius was also a political activist? 7.Green Thing This “go green” car might just run on ethanol, water, air, or good vides alone. Instead of taking this moving garden to the auto shop for an oil change, they just water and re-sod it instead. This is already a smart car, so the grass added to it really makes us think “okay, we get it. You love the environment!”. 6.It’s Both, You Guys We are just as impressed as you are about this one. For the man who is forced to work a 9 to five job but longs to be sailor on the high seas, there’s this weird Cadillac yacht thing. This car is apparently called a “land yacht”, and yeah , it’s pretty darn rad. Passengers can’t get inside it seems, but we’re sure they’re happy to ride on top, sipping champagne and enjoying the land life. It makes the phrase “do you want to get in my yacht?” seem a little less impressive though, don’t you think?? 5.Let’s Get Towed Getting your car towed is a TOE-tal drag unless this guy shows up. It almost makes us want to park our car in front a fire hydrant just so we can see it in all of it’s glory. As always, any type of object that makes the public learn the spelling between two words that sound the exact same is always a much welcome surprise in our book. There’s no telling how much it cost to build this tow truck, but pedicures for it start at at least three hundred dollars. 4.Truckin’ Turtle If it weren’t for the headlights and wheels, we’d assume this was a real life turtle! Luckily it doesn’t move at the same pace that a turtle would. This car requires a special insurance plan for turtle head recovery in the case of rear end collisions. 3.WeenieMobile “Oh how I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner” has always been an original and well known phrase. Their outlandish weenie mobile has been beloved by America for years. You see it in Thanksgiving parades, in commercials, and promotional events. There’s actually not just one famous “Wienermobile”, however. There are many different versions of it that roam the streets promoting and advertising Oscar Meyer pork products. The original version was created in 1936, and it could just be the first crazy cars to inspire all the others on this list. 2. Swimming Down The Street Nothing says “summertime!” quite like cruising around in a convertible with the top down. Or going to the nearest swimming pool with some buddies. But how can you chose? This picture proves that you can do both, because, why the heck not? We hope they had some luck picking up bikini babes in this cool- we mean..-pool-car, or else they went through a whole mess of trouble for no reason. How’d they get the water in there without hurting the interior? There are just so many questions here. Ten points for creativity. Zero points for practicality. 1.Cat Car Heeeeere kitty kitty….. How neat is this Chesire Cat car?! There’s no word on whether or not it was modeled after the famous Cheshire cat from “Alice in Wonderland” , but it definitely evokes fantasy and imagination.The only CD that plays inside of this car is the single of Tom Jones’ “What's New Pussycat”.

Hot Wheels On The Micro Drifters Motorized Super Speedway
HwMss00 Let's see if Hot Wheels cars work on the Disney Pixar Cars Micro Drifters Motorized Super Speedway! The links shown at the end are: Disney Cars Micro Drifters Playlist Power Tower Demolition Derby PTDD Hot Wheels 3-Lane Super Speedway Disney Pixar Cars Playlist