Track Time! Hot Wheels Stunt Circuit 5-Pack

This gift pack has an awesome Custom Ford Bronco! Let's see how many cars it can jump after going through a loop! Synkro, Power Sander, Gearonimo and Killer Copter too. Well, that last one, not so much... (MORE) Trackin' Trucks with Bone Shaker Team Hot Wheels Playlist AcceleRacers Playlist

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Ralphs Hot Wheels Christmas Tree And Mini-Launcher Action Launcher Set w/Bone Shaker
I don't recall ever seeing a track set this small. Perfect for a stocking stuffer! Came with a regular Bone Shaker.

Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron Hot Wheels 8-Car Set of toy cars
Subscribe to RaceGrooves How I made my New Surface for Rotating Display Stand Just in time for the May 1st opening of the Marvel Avengers Age Of Ultron movie, USA Walmart stores got an 8-car set of singles. Since almost all of them are track cars, not only do I unbox every model but I test them on the track! I send them down a gravity drop into a loop. From there, they go through a U-Turn curve and return to a battery-operated Booster to propel them through a second loop! Another U-Turn curve brings them back around to the end of the track. Here is the set: 1/8 Ultra Rage (Nick Fury) 2/8 Power Rage (Captain America) 3/8 Growler (Hawkeye) 4/8 Rockster (Hulk) 5/8 Muscle Tone (Vision) 6/8 Sting Rod (Iron Man) 7/8 Buzz Bomb (Thor) 8/8 16 Angels (Black Widow) The track parts used in this video came from various track sets. Here is my Hot Wheels Track Set Reviews Playlist The cars in this video are re-painted basic Hot Wheels cars. If you want to see the Marvel Character cars, here are some videos. Venom, Wolverine and Hulk Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man Heroics/Zerbox had Avenger figures back in 2012! Other Walmart sets Spiderman 2015 Fast & Furious 50 Years Of Mustangs 60th Anniversary Corvettes (wound up at 99 cents only stores) 2013 Fast & Furious Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Truckin' Tuesday Fresh Metal Highway Haulers by Maisto found at Five Below!
Subscribe to RaceGrooves As far as I know, Five Below stores were not in California. Well, they are now! I give you some in-store footage of part of their toy section. The focus of this video is on Maisto Fresh Metal Highway Haulers but I also found Fresh Metal Forces Sky Squad airplanes, helicopters and aircraft. Oh yeah, some Matchbox singles too! Maisto Adventure Force Truck and Trailer Maisto Builder Zone Quarry Monsters These Maisto Fresh Metal Highway Haulers are comparable to the size of the Hot Wheels Truckin' Transporters. Hot Wheels Truckin' Transporters w/Hammer Sled Hot Wheels Truckin' Transporters Galactic Express You probably will notice that they had Hot Wheels Split Speeders but I'm saving that footage for the Weekend Show since this video is long already and is more focused on Maisto Fresh Metal products. If you didn't know about that line, here is a review: Truckin' Tuesday playlist Race Grooves Weekend Show playlist Music from the YouTube Music Library "Foundation" by Vibe Tracks Subscribe to Track Time! Subscribe to RaceGrooves Subscribe To Race Grooves Gaming Support and get perks! Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Race Grooves local business page Facebook Race Grooves Community Google+ Fan Mail: Race Grooves 7807 Telegraph Rd STE M Montebello, CA 90640-6528 Please, no walk-ins - schedule an appointment!

Heads-Up! Toys R Us $3 HW & MB 5-Packs
SALE ENDS JUNE 29 at Toys R US. Hot Wheels and Matchbox 5-Packs! I picked up 7-packs. Go get'cha some! Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Automotion Speedway 5-Pack and Track Set Track Time! Hot Wheels Stunt Circuit 5-Pack Jack Hammer and Spine Buster Return in Attack Pack 5-Pack Matchbox Adventure Links Police Headquarters Review