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2014 Chevy SS Sedan Sound Clips (Stock Exhaust) (Holden VF Commodore)
Bone stock 2014 Chevrolet SS aka Holden VF Commodore sound clips. Clips include: startup, idle, revs, WOT passes, drive-bys, downshifts, and interior sound. Next clip will be at the drag strip.

2014 Chevrolet SS Performance Sedan Jeff Gordon Concept
2014 Chevrolet SS Prepped By Jeff Gordon: Live From SEMA -- custom 2014 Chevrolet SS muscle sedan. Jeff Gordon chose a handful of tasteful mods for the car, the highlight of which is a beautiful satin red finish.

2014 Chevy SS Exhaust Comparison
Part 2: Comparing before and after sounds of the OEM mufflers to the Solo Axle back kit (uses tunable J pipes instead of traditional muffler). The phone camera microphone is really useless here, but I recorded all this footage, so I might as well post it. Overall the Solo kit is slightly more aggressive and louder than the OEM mufflers — I would call it a mild to moderate improvement. Then again, for me, the louder and meaner the better, which I know does not appeal to everyone. I will say the OEM sound is actually pretty amazing. Bear in mind everything is stock on this car except the Rotofab cold air intake. The impact here is that it really makes the interior engine engine sounds louder (most apparent at bigger throttle openings), I can't say what it does to the sound outside the car or how it impacts the Solo kit sound (since you know, I am always driving).

Houston House of Power Chevy SS BeaSStmode Engaged!
Full stage 2 all motor cam + full bolt on package by Houston House of Power, presented by Chucks Tuning. Package price 7495 installed and tuned. Boosts performance to 550-575 HP. Additional upgrades available. Contact us for more info. 832-202-4115 or