Judy's Second Attempt at Drag Racing her Thunderbird T-coupe

5/30/08 at Island Dragway in New Jersey. Car was having overheating problems all night which really hurt performance. We'll try again in a few weeks.

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85 Thunderbird turbo Coupe. Only mods are: 87 EEC and top mount I/C, and "big" vam, open stock downpipe, cone filter on VAM, VERY ported E6 ex manifold, a w/g hose removed to run 18 PSI Boost, and 1 gallon of C12 added to 1/2 tank of Sunoco 94. Motor [top to bottom] turbo, intakes & TB, injectors, fuel pump [88L], regulator, T5 and 3.45 rear are all STOCK equip. Wanted to see if a TC could get into the mid 13s for less than $150 in "stuff" and ET streets w/ skinnies. We met our goal.

Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 2.3 ford turbo 13.96@95.9
88 Thunderbird turbo coupe 2.3L stock IHI turbo, stock Intercooler, stock head , 3700 lbs race weight 13.96@95.9 1.991 60 ft.