2012 MK6 VW GTI vs '03 Nissan 350Z on track.

How does the VW GTI stack up against the 2003 Nissan 350Z?

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MKVI GTI SPM Turboback "Track Edition" Drive by
This is a drive by of my MKVI GTI equipped with a Steve Petty Motorsports' turbo back Exhaust system. I love the sound this Exhaust makes and heres a quick video of me driving through my neighborhood annoying my neighbors. Right after my GF shot this we got yelled at haha, but it was all good. The GLI on the street is my girl's #Vdubfamily lol. Believe it or not I'm not really speeding either, the Exhaust is just that loud. Hope you enjoy! Other Mods - Unitronic ECU Stage 2 - Unitronic Cold Air Intake - Unitronic DV Relocation kit - Forge B.O.V. - AWE Boost Gauge - TBE SPM "track edition" Special thanks to WP Automotive in Bordentown. Thanks Will, and THANKS ASH

VW MK6 GTI APR Stage 2 (Track & Exhaust)
GTI - 6 Speed, APR turbo back Exhaust, Stage 2+ APR intake CC - K04 kit, 6Speed Race 1- my friends first time racing his car on the track Race 2- friend racing a K04 CC

2012 Volkswagen GTI 2-door at the track - Autoweek Drives
Autoweek Executive Editor Roger Hart checks out the GTI 2-door and was surprised by what he found. For more on our "7 Under 30K" series, where we take a look at 7 performance vehicles with a price of less than $30,000, click http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120611/CARREVIEWS/120609857?utm_source=yo utube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social.

nissan 350z vs golf GTI mk5 pirelli