Haight-Racing Lap of Historic Sebring 12 Hour Circuit

Stephen Haight driving the Haight-Racing RX7 on the Sebring 12 Hour Course during a SCCA Club Race Feb 13, 2011 (AKA Cabin Fever)

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Wild first lap at Sebring!
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Hot Lap of Sebring Race Track
A ride in an older BMW on the 12 Hour course.

Last 3 laps of the SCCA SARRC Race at Palm Beach International Raceway March 29, 2014. Two First Generation Mazda RX7's (IT-7 class) battle for the lead. #21 Stephen Haight chasing #17 Lon Carey for the lead. Not bad for two 30+ year old cars!

HAIGHT-RACING Speedy's Wild Ride (HD)
Speedy the Mouse decided to hitch a ride in our race car during an SCCA Club Race at Sebring International Raceway February 11, 2012. He takes a stroll on the dash just after passing the Jaguar Bridge going into turn-1 (about half way through the video). He did surprise Steve who fell back from the distraction but later moved up to take 1st in Class. He must be a lucky mouse so he was made a permanent member of the crew. We tried to catch him after the race, but he decided racing wasn't for him and he bolted for a safer location.