APD Dodge Ram Detective ons of a traffic collision v pedestrians

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My pov response vehicle

Installation of a 30" Bulldog Lighting LED Lightbar on 2012 Dodge Ram 3500
Like us on Facebook @: https://www.facebook.com/BlinkAutomotive This is a full installation of a Bulldog 30" LED offroad light bar on a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500. This bar is also great for Fords, Chevys, Jeeps and other offroad vehicles. Extremely bright, and one of the toughest on the market! for more see Bulldog-Lighting.com

Mega Ram Runner Takes On Hells Gate
This video was taken during Easter Jeep Safari when I decided to take the MegaRam out on the trails. The 46" tires were a little too big for all the flex we were getting so rear Dually fenders saw some minor damage. Traction and power were never an issue, took it slow mostly to minimize body damage:

2013 Bobcat S750 Loader - SWPS - AH13BOBCAT
2013 Bobcat S750 Loader - SWPS - AH13BOBCAT This is a video of a Bobcat front loader SWPS outfitted with LEDs and Backup Camera System for a Public Works department. Parts installed: Front- Whelen Vertex VTX609M Amber/Blue split hideaway LEDs in front headlamps. [Flasher included] Back- Whelen ION™ Universal LED lights - Solid Amber and Solid Blue (IONA and IONB) [bracket included] [flasher built-in] Top- Able2 Sho-Me Mini LED Lightbar 11.1200.AB0 Permanent Mount Inside- Brigade Backeye™ Camera Monitoring System