Is300 vs Grand Prix

This is a stock 2001 auto Lexus is300 against a 2001 grand prix gt with a k/n intake and flowmasters with performance chip.

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【正式発表】2016 LEXUS LX570 フラッグシップSUV
LEXUSは、LEXUS SUVラインアップのフラッグシップモデルとなるLX570を全 のレクサス店を通じて9月14日に発売する。 LXは、1996年にLEXUS初のSUVとして北米で発売されて以来、 米、中近東、およびロシアを中心に海外で販売を拡大 デザインや走りなど飛躍的進化を遂げた新型LX導入を 機に、3列シートのラグジュアリーSUVとして日本でも販 する。 LXは、LEXUSのフラッグシップSUVにふさわしく、力強さと グジュアリーが融合した内外装に、先進の空調システ 「レクサス クライメイト コンシェルジュ」や、降車時に自動で車高調整を行う「 乗降モード」など、乗員の快適性に配慮した機能を標準 装備。また、トルクフルなV8・5.7ℓエンジンや、LEXUS初 なるCUSTOMIZEモードを設定したドライブモードセレクト 採用するなど、オンロードからオフロードまで安定し ドライビングを実現。さらに、ミリ波レーダーと単眼 メラを組み合わせ、異なる2つのセンサーで高い認識性 と信頼性を両立し、多面的な安全運転支援を可能にし 予防安全パッケージ「Lexus Safety System +」を国内初採用するなど安全安心に一層配慮している なお、新型LXの価格は11,000,000円(消費税込み)となる。

Lexus Hoverboard: It's here!
We've made the impossible, possible. The Lexus Hoverboard is here. See the world's first hoverpark in action, as Lexus demonstrates the desire to create enjoyment out of motion. The Lexus Hoverboard represents true innovation and imagination, together pushing the boundaries of technology even further. #LexusHover The Lexus Hoverboard has taken flight, a feat captured in Slide, a new film recording the success of the latest project in Lexus’s Amazing in Motion campaign. The official reveal of the Lexus Hoverboard in action marks the culmination of 18 months of design and technology planning and weeks of testing at a specially constructed “hoverpark” near Barcelona. The task of putting the machine through its paces fell to international pro-skateboard star Ross McGouran, who said: “I’ve spent 20 years skateboarding, but without friction it feels like I’ve had to learn a whole new skill, particularly in the stance and balance you need to ride the hoverboard.” Lexus worked with a team of scientists from IFW Dresden and evico GmbH who specialise in magnetic levitation technology. Following extensive testing with McGouran in Germany, the team were determined to push the hoverboard to its limits, conducting further tests in a dynamic environment. The hoverpark was constructed using around 200 metres of magnetic track set beneath the surface of an area similar to a conventional skate park. This gave Lexus and McGouran the opportunity to demonstrate tricks that no skateboard could ever perform, including travelling across water. The results are captured in Slide, a film helmed by award-winning director Henry-Alex Rubin. The Lexus Hoverboard features two cryostats, reservoirs which contain superconducting material, kept at -197°C through immersion in liquid nitrogen. The board is placed above a track fitted with permanent magnets to achieve magnetic levitation. Dr Oliver de Hass, CEO of evico, said: “The magnetic field from the track is effectively ‘frozen’ into the superconductors in the board, maintaining the distance between the board and track – essentially keeping the board in a hover. The force is strong enough that the rider can stand and even jump on the board.” Mark Templin, Executive Vice President Lexus International, said: “We set out to push the boundaries of technology, design and innovation to make the impossible possible, collaborating with partners who share our passion for creating enjoyment out of motion. “As we combined our technology and expertise, we discovered that making a hoverboard isn’t an easy process. We’ve experienced highs and lows and have overcome a few challenges, but through mutual determination we have created a demonstration of our philosophy in design and technology to create Amazing in Motion.” The Lexus Hoverboard film Slide features the new hoverboard together with the new GS F saloon, the forthcoming addition to Lexus’s F-designated range of high-performance models.

ProEFI Cold Startup #2 IS300 Turbo - Cold Start to Full Operating Temperature
Car had been sitting all day (8+ hours) in low 40 degree weather. ProEFI startup. Started the car up, then let it warm up to full operating temperature.

Riding the Lexus hoverboard in Spain
Lexus invited us to Spain to ride the hoverboard it created for a commercial. Our resident skateboarder Sam Sheffer found the board to be very difficult to ride — but it does hover! Read the full story here: Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like The Verge on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Read More: