Is300 vs Grand Prix

This is a stock 2001 auto Lexus is300 against a 2001 grand prix gt with a k/n intake and flowmasters with performance chip.

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Built NA IS300
IS300TTRD's built NA IS300 Stage 2 BC cams, CP high compression pistons, ported/ polished head, balanced bottom, area 51 intake, custom 2.5 in. magnaflow Exhaust, built tranny, etc

Lexus is300 Flowmaster
2004 Lexus IS300 5 speed, K&N intake and Flowmaster 40 series Exhaust from catback.

Easy Car Performance Chip - Volo VP12
Performance tuning can get expensive fast. The off the shelf tuner kits can easily run $500 and custom tunes are even more. Many of the old school and really cheap performance chips sold on eBay and other online sources were typically a resister that would sorta trick the engine into acting on bad temperature information. Some of the time it would work a little bit, but for the most part it wouldn't and could cause problems down the line. The chips provided by Volo are not resisters. It is a somewhat custom tune that is prepared for a particular vehicle. I figured I would give it a try and see how it performed. Initially I wanted to get a baseline Dyno run then a Dyno run after installation. The chip was $89.00. After checking with local shops the Dyno runs would have been over $200. So my results are based on my experience with these S197 v6 engines. I've had two of these cars. One was a daily driver that I used for three years and drove half way across the country. I know how these motors feel in all kinds of weather, all kinds of road conditions, and in every season. After the installation of this chip there is a very definite change. The car has more kick and is much smoother overall. The acceleration is consistent. The torque is actually where I felt the most benefit. Installation was easy and fast. This is an affordable option for a modest tune. A CAI would work well with this little tuner too. It's also not permanent; no changes are being made to the ECU. Basically, this chip patches data to the ECU that adjust the timing and a few other data points. Thanks for taking a look.

Lexus is300 vs toyota Supra
Me and my friend race our friend supra. all STOCK engine on both cars.