Magna Dirt Racer Build - Part 1

Redliners rescue a V6 from the scrap heap & prepare the big V6 car for dirt racing.

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How to Make a Race Car Aero Kit - Part A
Redline Racing Australia's Fiberglass Tutorial 19A

Magna/Diamante Dirt Rally Car - Part 2
It may only have a one year life - but it ain't gonna be plain white!

Never cut out an old Roll Cage! - Targa Newfoundland Scion FR-S Build Ep.1
We reveal our latest adventure, a trip to Targa Newfoundland where we'll be racing a Scion FR-S. First though, we need to build ourselves a proper race car and that starts with removing the old roll cage.

How to Repair a Fibreglass Car Bar
Redline Tutorial No.10 showing step by step ways to fix a front air dam using fibreglass, kevlar & pouring foam