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Magna Dirt Racer Build - Part 1

Redliners rescue a V6 from the scrap heap & prepare the big V6 car for dirt racing.


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Magna Dirt Racer Build - Part 2
Bill shows how to spray car "Tribal" graphics using only aerosol automotive paint as he decorates his V6 sedan for racing

Offroad V6 Mid-Engined Buggy Build - Part 2
Bill shows you step by step making his floor and rear skidplate from Kevlar & Carbon Fibre

Magna Dirt Racer Build - Part 9 - Muddy Block Gymkhana
Continual rain doesn't stop these dirt track cowboys from having a mud bath

Magna Dirt Racer - Part 14 - Father v Son
Bill returns to Nabiac dirt circuit, competing against James. Can WJP004 beat WJP005?

Magna Dirt Racer - Part 15 - Tar Hillclimb Prep
Bill prepares the TJ for a change of racing surface at King Edward Park

Magna Dirt Racer - Last Event - Part 17
Speeding through tight, enclosing Lantana tunnels ends the year's racing on a high

Mud Racing Day of Reckoning
The mud pies and rally cars really fly at a fun Dirt Track Day centred around Ringwood's "Tabletop" jump after heavy rain added a water splash.

How to Repair Fiberglass / Your Car Bumper / FRP バンパーの修理方法
I have one thing I'd like to tell you. How to "Repair method of aero parts",When You watch this video. You will understand the "repair of fiberglass".見ればわかる!FRP (グラスファイバー) 製 エアロパーツの修理方法をわかりやすく動画にいたしま した。カスタムカーと言えばエアロパーツ!割れてしま った時の修理に重要なポイントをしっかり押さえてあり ます。FRP修理方法(グラスファイバー修理方法)の解説 動画です。 Warriorz Japan (Mr K)

Civic V6 Hillclimb
Track tuning the EG starts with it's first race

Offroad V6 Buggy Build Part 10
FWD to RWD, Gear linkage adaption

How to build a custom center console
Tim at Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors shows me how they make there custom center console..very good information...check it out!!

V6 Civic EG Muscle Hatch - phase III - 3 litres
A detailed step by step scratch build of the first of this swap in Australasia that took over 3 years. The third & final stage of development of an extremely successful racing Honda.

Offroad V6 Mid-engined Buggy Build - Part 8
Bill finishes the front suspension & gets Raptor off the build table as a rolling chassis

crushing a mitsubishi magna. apologies for my cackling.
crushing a car with an excavator.

Dirt track car start up
Starting up engine in modified car, 650hp

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1997 Honda Magna VF 750 C2: 12.559 @ 105.090
Mad Mag, Engine: 750 CC v-4, Tires: Stock Dunlop

1982 Honda Magna VF750C V45: 14.666 @ 87.070
Corey Kaufman,

1993 Daewoo Racer STI: 15.010 @ 98.000
Efrain A., Engine: 2.0 16v, 162 HP,

2003 Mitsubishi Magna TJ AWD: 15.880 @ 86.890
Graham A,

1994 Daewoo Racer GTi: 16.330 @ 80.000
Andrs Prada, Engine: 1.5 SOHC, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 175/70 R13 88T

1995 Daewoo Racer GSI: 17.770 @ 76.500
MATTHEW, Engine: 1.5L 8VALVE, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: MARANGONI 185/60 R14


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