Yenko on the Podium at the PVGP 2010!

An interview with Logan Dernoshek from Charlotte NC. His #37 1966 Yenko Stinger got on the Podium at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix soon after this interview. Logan's father was THE original mechanic on this Yenko Corvair. This interview was done before Logan had his 2nd place podium finish at BeaveRun in his 1966 "Yenko Stinger" Great to see the Yenko name back on the podium! Logan competed in Group 5: LeMans, which is Pre-1960 over 2 Litres production cars and specials. Examples include Austin-Healey, Jaguar, MG, Maserati, Mini-Cooper and Aston Martin. Also includes pre-1960 Sports Racers over 1.1 Litres and Post 1960 Production under 1.6 Litres. VRG Classes C2, C3, C5 D1, D2, E3 and G1

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I had a 1966 Corvair that ran good, but the body was rusted i broke the front suspension loading it up on my trailer it was so rusted ... i tried for a long time to sell it but nobody was interested so when i moved i had to relocate it since i had no place to store it... I am sure i'm going to get alot of hate because of crushing out this vehicle but sorry sometimes you just gotta do what you dont want to ... thats life!!