Ultimate Track Car Challenge Ford Mustang at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) July 22, 2011

Driver: Jason Bowles, Owner: Rob Veschi, Track: Virginia International Raceway (VIR) July 22, 2011

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200Mph Turbo Mustang at VIR 2015
turbo Mustang at VIR full 7100rpm in 5th .82 with 3.27 rear gear with 315/35/17 = 200mph. Track workers said it was fastest mph car they have seen. It sure felt crazy fast.

Multimatic Mustang Boss 302R Qualifying Run at VIR
Jump in with "Front Row Joe" as he sets the 2nd quickest time in qualifying for the Bosch Engineering 200 at Virginia International Raceway in the Multimatic Motorsports Mustang Boss 302R. VIR marked the 4th race in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge GS class of Grand-Am. Enjoy!

CDR Wayne's C7 Corvette at VIR (Virginia International Raceway)
High Speed Driving Education with "Track Daze" at VIR. The 2014 Z51 C7 Corvette is a fantastic car on the track....

Corvette Calamity at VIR
This is a great video of things going wrong at Virginia International Raceway. After the camera is set up and turned on (quite a process), the front brakes lock up on the first lap due to an electrical malfunction of the ABS system (no ABS) in order to avoid flat spotting the tires (that cost $700 to replace and I had already done that before), the brakes were released and the corvette cuts the turn through the grass. There was some car passing that was edited out of the middle of the film because it didn't have as good of entertainment value and will be part II video. At the end of the run the fuel pump cuts out because the already once repaired fuel pump housing failed for the second time at VIR (probably in part from the off road excursion and g forces continually exerted). You'll see it worked out to pull into the south pit lane on the back straight to wait for the tow truck. I never knew I would start my 18 month rebuild of the car. I'm due back Feb 27 and 28 if it ever stops snowing, so stay tuned.... For other scheduled 2010 events check in at Mizenermotorsports.com