Mercury Cougar AutoCross (Run 1)

Lethbridge's Street Machine Weekend 2009. My first run at the autocross breaking my autox cherry!

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Mercury Cougar AutoCross (Run 2)
Street Machine Weekend in Lethbridge Alberta. My second run in the autox.

Mercury Cougar AutoCross (Run 3)
Street Wheelers Weekend in Lethbridge Alberta, my third autox run with my brother sitting shotgun.

Mercury Cougar Solo Run
AtomicInternet's 1999 Supercharged Mercury Cougar runs a Solo course in Michigan

'99 Mercury Cougar Dynomax Exhaust
I put together some clips of the Exhaust on my Cougar so others can have a listen before they buy. Feel free to comment or ask questions about the car or Exhaust set up. Sorry I had my winter wheel/tires on in the video.