KJS Jesieni 2009 Łódź Audi 90 QUATTRO

SL 12 C.H. Retkinia 11.11.2009 Łódź

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Audi 90 Quattro 2.3 10V
Świeżo po założeniu zimowych ale "cienkich" opon, i tak daje radę:-P Sorki za jakość:-)

Audi 90 20v turbo quattro Ночная вылазка
Audi 90 20v turbo quattro Выехал ночью. Все как обычно не чего примечательного кроме того что BMW-висты как всегда верят в то что они невъибе...но быстрые)))

Guncar - Audi 80 quattro
Auto: Audi 80 quattro 2.2L 10zaworów +LPG :D ok. 110 KM Kierowca: Michał "Guncar" Gańczarczyk For Fun Rally Team

Audi 90 20v Turbo Quattro 800 HP +++ Sound & Brutal Acceleration
Onboard launch test drive Audi 90 Quattro 2.2l 20V Typ 85 with brutal turbo tuning with more than 800 hp and extreme loud sound. Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration TV channel on youtube. Thus ultimate Audi 90 Typ 85 equipped with a 2.2L 5-cylinder 20V turbocharged engine in action is tuned by Jemo Motorsports. Full custom build engine, including a very huge GTX35TTH turbo, Vems Ecu is mapped by Tille Motorsport Engineering, 90mm Exhaust straight pipe and it's running on 3.0 Bar! Engine output is about 800+hp and 900 Nm of torque! I have filmed this ultimate Audi 90 Quattro 2.2l 20V turbo at RACE 1000 standing half mile and roll and race event. Enjoy the Audi 90 Tuning with brutal acceleration with Half Mile @ 275km/h and launch control race 5 cylinder sound... ► SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=caracceleration ► FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/Car-Acceleration-TV/580018375349160?fref=ts RELATED VIDEOS: Audi 90 Quattro 20V turbo Tuning 800 HP +++ Sound & Acceleration https://youtu.be/gAH8wuP3JIE Audi RS4 B5 800hp+++ Extreme Acceleration & Exhaust Sound https://youtu.be/dkUsNY7mCt0 Audi RS4 Hannover Hardcore Biturbo Acceleration 0-310 & Brutal Sound https://youtu.be/x8uKpsTcMNA Audi RS4 2.7 Bi-turbo Sound & Acceleration 0-100 & 0-200 https://youtu.be/5u8Zt72Pxek If you like this video, please visit my youtube car channel for best Audi sounds, drive & grip, acceleration 0-60 0-100 and top speed videos, other Audi videos e.c. Audi Rs2, Audi RS4 bi-turbo with 1000 PS and so on....