PSI Motorsports Drag Radial Mustang Cobra Dyno Test and Tune

just working out the bugs and getting it warmed up, tested and ready for the track in georgia at the end of the month 565ci big block chevy motor f3 crank driven procharger built and tuned by frank soldridge and vinny fiore

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11-2-15 cut down 8.8 for colorado pt2 (cave man assembly)
the second part of the explorer rear end swap assembly and tips and axle bearing ans seal installation how to measure backlash and general hackery

6-17-15 fairmont 5 we have lift off!
quick garage update, 616whp on 11psi with a 2005 6.0 and all the same parts.

PSI motorsports drag radial mustang quick pull
565ci F3 procharged chevy Mustang .6 second Dyno pull, 28psi 7100rpm

4-29-15 long winded update for f5 power production issues
this motor is very reliable but its a slug, no idea why watch and see