Утопили 150 - полная версия.mpg

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Nissan patrol y62 утопили машину
охота на гуся на границе с казахстаном весна 2012

Адский отжыг на Инфинити в киевском Гидропарке
утопили машинку - как это было....

Prado 150 at Nolans Brook - Drowned
2011 Prado 150 GXL kitted out very nicely at Nolans Brook May 2012, owner was living the dream of an Aussie outback adventure but unfortunately The Cape took his vehicle along with MANY others over the year so far. Vehicle was only in the water for ~50seconds however the damage was done, vehicle would not start once out of the water and was towed to Andy's workshop (with the great help of other travellers). It was subsequently "written off" however the owner continued the dream via a hired 70 series Troopy and made it to the "NORTHERNMOST POINT OF AUSTRALIA" which was a great effort. Good to see everyone helping out as is always the case when up at the "Top End". R.I.P Graphite 150. http:\\www.pradopoint.com

В ночь с 26 на 27 сентября сотрудник прокуратуры выехал на встречную полосу и столкнулся с двумя машинами обе лоб в лоб!!!погибла 30 л.девушка...