The Power of VTEC Sound's !!!

VTEC Just Kicked in Yo !!! :-) HD,Full HD Subskrybuj / Subscribe - Dzięki / Thanks ;-)

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honda civic vtec ummmmmm
its the shape and style that gets me OMG just a great looking car would you agree???

That pull tho. Car: Honda civic SIR Engine mods: Hondata s300 98 spec B18C-Rskunk2 pro series intake manifold 68mm omni throttle body Spoon spark plug wire Toda racing header Passwordjdm intake 2.5inch Blackwork racing test pipe T1R Exhaust Suspension mods: Hsd monopro coilovers 24mm progress sway bar Blackwork racing subframe brace Blackwork racing lower control arms Skunk2 camber kit Passwordjdm rear strut bar Tanabe front strut bar Itr front strut bar Exterior: J's racing wing Top1 motor diffuser Top1 motor side skirts Devsport front splitter plate Top1motor street canards Arc magic winglets Seibon cf hood Interior mods: Momo steering wheel Skunk2 shift knob Password jdm Bride Euroster 2 Nrg harness bar Civic type r door panels Takata harness Giving my respects to this bseries. PS I own a kseries.

Best Of Honda VTEC! Sound Compilation.
VTEC kik in yoo! Sound compilation of iconic Hondas Varible Valve Timing engines. Hope you like it, if so thumbs up, comment or subscribe for more content. Credits to: civiccrx2006 oxoDUSToxo Jarusnet mikeschmeeedotcom dimmer84 Ismet UCAR MTU DGE Paula k Besim Smith Watson Rajshir Burger energie119 TruckDC5R barapaskis JustynP Schrimpie miroshi Copyrights © Any content used in this video belongs to thier respective owners. I do not intend to break any copyright laws in any way, this channel is made for sole purpose of entertainment not personal gain or profit. With any issues please contact me through my email and i will sort the issue out as soon as i can. -Thanks