3.7L GTX42R Dodge Stealth w/BC Race Cams - Start & Idle

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DODGE Stealth 1993 BITURBO - Car tuning.

1996 Dodge Stealth R/T exhaust
Video of my '96 Dodge Stealth R/T with some Exhaust work. It has the main cat removed and a straight pipe in place of it and an aftermarket muffler (flow-master or magna-flow, I don't remember).

Dodge Stealth Turbo Cams idling and revving
1994 Dodge Stealth RT turbo, Built engine, cams, new gauges, running, idling, and revving

Trevor's 1996 Stealth - In-Car, 91 Octane+Meth, 3,7L Stroker and GT42R @ 22-23 psi