Triumph Spitfire Commercial (70ties)

This is a quit rare commercial out of the seventies about the Triumph Spitfire... I hope, this upload doesn't bother anyone, because it is worth to see... ;) by the way, a very nice car... ;)

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TRIUMPH TR4A 1964 - Full test drive in top gear - Engine sound | SCC TV
Recently we came across this beautiful Triumph TR4A 1964 at The Gallery in Brummen, The Netherlands. We took the car for a little spin! Please help us keep making these videos by liking them. Thank you very much! The Triumph TR4 is a sports car built in the United Kingdom by the Standard Triumph Motor Company and introduced in 1961. Code named "Zest" during development, the car was based on the chassis and drivetrain of the previous TR sports cars, but with a modern Michelotti styled body. 40,253 cars were built during production years. The TR4 proved very successful and continued the rugged, "hairy-chested" image that the previous TRs had enjoyed.

9x Triumph TR6 - Lovely sounds!! 1080p HD
Yesterday I recorded 9 x Triumph TR6, they all participated in a event called "Molentocht 2011". A ride with about 250 classic cars across an area in Zeeland called "Zuid-Beveland". The first part of the video you will see the cars arriving at Wilhelminadorp. Then, the second part of the video you will see the cars arriving at Hoedekenskerke. They all have a lovely sounded 6 cilinder engine. Some of them are with Overdirve. Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment behind! /Hans

Driving the 1966 Triumph Spitfire MKII | SpinOut
Triumph Spitfire 4 Mark II 1147 cc inline 4 Max output: 67bhp Top speed: 154km/h 0-100km/h: 15s Build from Dec 1964 to Jan 1967