Supercharged Riviera by Buick - 298 HP/370 LB-FT Dyno Pull

Base pull @ 80ºF with 3.4" blower pulley. 248 WHP/308 LB-FT at wheels.

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Buick Riviera vs. Acura Integra Part 1
My Buick Riviera vs. My buddies Acura Integra

Supercharged Riviera
96 rivie 3.8 SC

1999 Buick Riviera only 1,787 built a soon to be collectible
November 1998 the last Riviera made in the USA was built for a total of 1,787. The last 200 were designated Silver Arrows with upgraded special paint and emblems, same engine same car. A year later all cars in America lost 1,500 lbs of weight, nice to have for stability. From 5 years of searching less than 30 Rivieras have been found, so I add a fudge factor and say there are less than 50 of these marvelous automobiles in the world. 200 Silver Arrows were built out of that 1,787, I now own #60. You got A 1999 Buick Riviera I would like to hear from you. Still cannot locate more than 100 including Silver Arrows. Secret to collecting cars BUY before they become a collectible. Last year and few built, This car will be a collectible.

3800 Series 2 Modding Basics
Mods and Vendors list Short Stack Intercooler UD Water Pump Pulley UD Alternator Pulley Ported Manifolds PCM Solid Motor Mounts IAT Extention 3 Inch Downpipe Intercooler Pump Harness/Relay Shortened Dog Bones Rear Strut Tower Brace Aeroforce Scan Gauge 3 gauge Pod U-Bend Delete Throttle Body Heat Shield Throttle Body Spacers Ebay user "American Superchargers" Modular Pulley System All other parts not listed were purchased at various auto parts stores,Ebay users I dont remember and Walmart.