Instructional video on how to locate and remove the fuel rail fitting for the LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax diesels. Subscribe Rate And Comment!

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How to make a Ported fuel fitting for free on Duramax
Quick install video on the driver side fuel fitting I drilled a 1/8 hole in the fitting to increase fuel flow This will work for the LBZ LMM LLY will not work on LML or LB7 Some mods on my truck are race fuel valve Egr blocker plate DSP5 EFI Live by Idaho Rob, cold air K&N Transgo Jr shift kit

Fuel Pressure Relief Valve - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!
The fuel pressure relief valve can cause a lot of problems when not working properly. We've got the fix! http://duramaxtuner.com/fuel-presure-relief-valve.html

LB7 FPR Install
Here is a short video showing you how to install a Fuel Pressure Regulator in a 2003 GMC Duramax LB7. Feel free to ask questions! Disclaimer - Some information in the video may be flawed or incorrect, i am not responsible for any wrong doing or mishaps you have while attempting this install, do at your own risk.

common rail diesel injection video
Common Rail Diesel Injection Video. Запчасти и комплектующие на двигатель Cummins, Mitsubishi со склада и под заказ. Запчасти и комплектующие на технику Hyundai, Doosan, Moxy, Volvo, Hitachi. www.kcteh.ru http://www.facebook.com/kcteh.ru