Instructional video on how to locate and remove the fuel rail fitting for the LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax diesels. Subscribe Rate And Comment!

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Fuel Pressure Relief Valve - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!
The fuel pressure relief valve can cause a lot of problems when not working properly. We've got the fix! http://duramaxtuner.com/fuel-presure-relief-valve.html

LLY Duramax FPR Replacement
04.5 duramax lly fuel pump regulator how to. merchant automotive turbo resonator plug thermostat how to this truck is all stock. i was getting a code P0087 with a surging idle. it would idle about 15 minutes before throwing the code.

LMM Fuel Race Valve
https://www.toxicdiesel.com/ Fuel Race Valve, The Location of The Fuel Pressures Regulator on a LMM Duramax Diesel. Toxic Diesel Performance. Diesel Rail Valve. Call 866-488-6942

LLY Duramax PCV Reroute.
Just playing around and seeing how the new cam did. Take great video I think. The routes crank case vents from the intake and routes it away from engine.