MG, Porsche, and Triumph with the Zapata team at VIR Vintage

I was invited to go to the historic races in June at VIR by members of the Zapata Racing team out of Nashville TN. Being a car guy it was incredible. Cars you should only see in a museum are on the track doing exactly what they are designed to do....RACE. It is amazing. If you have the means, you must go to one of these races.

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MG, Lotus. The Zapata guys racing at Road Atlanta with VDCA
Carl drives the MGA and Charlie drives the Lotus. Both are on the Zapata team. We will be uploading many videos as we keep having adventures. Check them all out.

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Classic Car Racing at Lime Rock Park 2011 -- Behind the Scenes
A day at the Fall Festival 2011 at Lime Rock Park showing what goes into putting the cars on the track. What you don't see from the sidelines.

The Loudest Bugeye Sprite in Vintage Racing?
Video from three races of my poor little 1959 Sprite that was wrongfully accused of being "too loud" and cost me a 1st place finish at Blackhawk Farms Raceway with the VSCDA. Take a listen and you be the judge. Warning: I have been told this little 1275cc car is capable of deafening mere mortals!