1989 Blue Box Chevy Bagged on 24's

Just a walk around video of my Chevy bagged on 24's in the front yard. Make sure you take notice of the clouds reflecting off the paint.

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1989 LS1 Bagged Box Chevy Morning Start
Getting the box fired up and letting the new 3in Exhaust talk.

Bagged 1989 LS1 Box on 26in Forgis
I bought some 26in Forgiato Granos last month some time and went back to the lab to work on a custom tuck job. No point in having air ride if you can't tuck the wheels in when you bag it!! Here's the results of a hard 10 days of work and 2 sleepless days and nights leading up to a carshow that was trying to make. ENJOY!!

Gorillaz Only Car Club (Black -N- Yellow Box Chevy).wmv

Bagged Caprice - Walk Around
Explaining everything on the Caprice CARDOMAIN PAGE: http://www.cardomain.com/id/graytraincarclub