supercharged BMW 540i 6 speed e39 (aka 544I) revised

My hand built Boosted Bimmer now with water - methanol injection & sqv3 bov garrett core water to air cooler This built non vanos M62 V8 BMW is Boosting 16 lbs. power all the way up to 7000 rev (shift going to gtech it berfore it goes on Dyno. (waitin for a cold day in arizona.

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Very fast Supercharged Bmw 540i ..... 50 to 100mph
Test run 50 to 100mph... I let of the gas a little after 90.. but you get the idea.... Thanks.. More vids coming soon.

RoadWarrior - SuperCharged 540i
VF Supercharged 540i E39. Shot at Jack's Wagonfest on June 17, 2006.

(Rare) AA Twin Supercharged E39 M5 & Bimmerworks Meet
(Rare) AA Twin Supercharged E39 M5 & Bimmerworks Meet Bimmerworks West Chester, PA Meet & BBQ 2006 721 East Nields Street West Chester, PA 19382-4994 (610) 701-9172

BMW 540i 6 SuperCharged M62 V8 e39 AKA 544I flash back..
BMW E39 540i AKA 544I 6 speed manual flash back..Ha That e92 M3 Exhaust not only looked hideous It sounded like shit in a can!!! I had to cut it open and modify it to make it sound better. In hind sight I should have stuck to my sleeper guns and left the Exhaust muffler hidden. That's when it sounded and performed the best.. old footage non vanos M62 V8 build I tried to find footage of my old beast performing some Real action unfortunately My old PC's hard drives have completely crashed so the good stuff was no ware to be found...