Greddy Sp2 Exhaust

Second Clip of my Exhaust

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2002 RSX GReddy SP2 Exhaust
GReddy SP2 Exhaust + Injen Cold Air Intake. Video is taken in the morning. The Exhaust has white smoke because of cold start. Exhaust leak happened cause the bolt isn't tighten enough or it just brand new and hasn't put much miles into it. Enjoy! :)

Civic Si Greddy SP2
This is a vid of my 00 Honda Civic Si with Greddy SP2 Exhaust Mods: DC Sports Headers Greddy SP2 Catback AEM CAI

Greddy Sp2 Catback Exhaust 02 civic LX coupe
Short Exhaust clip of my 02 civic LX with the Greddy SP2 Exhaust with a leak up front. I love this Exhaust. I'm pretty pissed it looks like im burning oil. :( disappointing. oh well enjoy the clip

Jake's 92 Integra - GReddy SP2 revving 2
Another vid of the GReddy SP2 revving. The camera's battery died on me, so it cut off a little short. I re-shot this one because I wanted to record a little closer to the car. ***PLEASE NOTE*** I used a digital camera to record the video, so the microphone on it is a little sensitive, making the system sound louder than it is. Its only a few decibels louder than stock. It just has a rich, deeper tone.