H22A Turbo Accord vs. Evo Drag Race - Bandimere, Morrison, Colorado

The Evo runs 10s, I never had a chance, the only reason it was close is he botched the start, we both had 2.3 60's.

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The Coup Channel : เปิดตัว/เจาะลึก NEW Honda Accord (Minorchange 2016)
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A-Spec 94 Accord H22A Turbo Dyno641hp
1994 Accord SiR H22A+GTX3576R turbo 641hp 2012年 7月16日 アコード CD6 パワーチェック ダイナパック Special Thanks:A-Spec enterprise

Mazdaspeed3 vs. H22 Turbo Accord
Mazdaspeed3 stock with CAI vs. a built and turboed H22 94 accord coupe. Accord has Darton dry sleeves with eagle rods and wiseco pistons. t3/t04e ebay turbocharger, spoolin log manifold, synapse BOV and wastegate. Accord 326whp@11.3 psi...running 10psi max in vid Mazdaspeed3 280whp

Turbo Accord vs. Cobra Mustang
Another one bites the dust. Accord wins.