yoeys 1979 mazda rx323 12a rotary

12a bridge port, with racing beat ports, 48mm ida, gilmores, s4 gear box, fresh rebuild 500k's, needs to b Dyno tuned.. pink stickerd due to mirror tint's f.t.p, take them off and it will fly through vtnz =)

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Summer Rota Drags! 2010
Mean RX323s!

Mazda 323 1977 12a rotary Grass Roots Garage
On this episode of Grass Roots Garage we have Nat's cool little 1977 12a powered 323 bug eye!!! Nat has taken the 323 from granny spec through to awesome street cruiser doing all the work himself! Every nut, bolt & oil change! The dash is modified to hold a full AutoMeter cluster. Clean & functional. The aftermarket seats are comfortable but also give you the confidence of holding you in place. Throw B45's on pretty much any car & we're going to be pumped to check it out! Gold on gold is such a great look! Bailey's Gemini from a previous episode has the same colour scheme (check that episode out here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUtHPQNUFOA&t=77s We caught up with Nat at Rotary Revival. It was a crazy day spent with an amazing bunch of guys!

Rotaries Downunder [Re-loaded]
Re-Loaded with twice the burnouts, wheel stands and drag racing action!

Mazda rx-7, engine 13B, Rebuilding rotor engine, Final Stage