HPI RS4-3 Drag Race

Im on the left lane and 2.23sec @ 58mph was the fastest time with 37/41 spur gear. Could of been faster with 39/43 but stripped second gear when shifting.

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HPI CHALLENGE 2002 NY Super Nitro RS4 RC Racing. See fastharry run the A main!
Visit http://fastharry.com to see all of our HPI Challenge cars and RC car collection. This is the NY HPI Challenge in Aug 2002(sponsored by Bruckner hobbies, Bronx NY). There are highlights of 2 races,the B main Super Nitro race (which is a 5 minute heat).... where our friends car didn't quite make it to the finish, and his face shows how frustrating racing can be (on the drivers stand after the car stalls in the race)...He was setting the hot pace,and was passing cars left and right to go for the win. Also, if you notice, the car shut off right before the start,sending Larry across the track to start it (always take your starter box with you for the launch of the race) Lesson learned: The engine in this car was brand new,but had been giving our buddy trouble in the last few days so always change your engine before a big race,esp. if its giving you trouble,EVEN if its only 3 weeks old. Listen for everyone moaning disappointment after Tom announces he is OUT!!!! The second race is the A main (a 10 minute race with a fuel stop)..the TOP race and the one where you can see our white HPI Super Nitro.....BTW, We finished 4th in that race after qualifying 10th. We won the HPI Challenge in the Nitro Stock class 2 years later and won a trip to England to race the HPI world finals,finishing 7th in the A-main. THANKS HPI!! Thanks also to Ron Bosco, Cruizin RC's in Waldwick NJ..and Larry Poltorak for helping pit us in the race.......

HPI Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ First Start and Breakin
I fired it up as quick as I could...LOL....Can't wait to get some radar runs in so I can get some numbers. Thanks for watching. Any questions or comments please leave them below. http://www.asiatees.com

Brooklyn RC Drag Racing
Large scale RC drag racing, 1/4 scale dragsters, funny cars and pro stocks. 5th scale FG Modelsport and HPI Baja's

My HPI RS4 3 with a modded O.S 18tz. Entire car has been upgraded to its best from carbon fiber parts to titanium. RC mods pipe, Buku clutch, Boca bearing and many parts by HPI. Nitro motor has been ported, not sure about the top speed but might be seeing 7mph plus. Best time with a non ported engine and OS pipe was 2.4sec in 132ft and now with a new Ported engine and RC mods pipe I ran 1.87sec in 100ft. I calculate I'm running 2.1 in the 132.