Engine push button start in Lexus IS200 (no key needed)

Lexus IS200 start button. No key needed. This is a self programmed microcontroller based project that not only is for starting and stopping the car but has features like remote start/stop via key FOB or GSM cellphone. An extra cool feature is the automated back-up sequence that let you start and back your car out of tight spaces without even beeing in the car. -controlling it with just the key FOB.

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How to Install Engine Start Button in Lexus IS
http://clublexus.com/how-tos is the leading Lexus IS, RX, ES, and GS resource for technical DIY guides. Upgrade your engine start/stop button with a red one from Toyota Racing Development in a few simple steps! For the full step-by-step guide, please visit http://www.clublexus.com/how-tos/a/lexus-3is-how-to-install-engine-start-st op-button-366744 For something that plays such a major part of operating a car, the stock engine start/stop button on the Lexus IS is not too exciting. An easy way to remedy this is to install a bright red one from Toyota Racing Development. Follow these steps and it'll be up and running in no time. This easy job takes twenty minutes and costs $40. The professional cost ranges from $80 to $130 in comparison. For this job you’ll need plastic trim removal tools, a small, flat-bladed jeweler’s screwdriver, a Toyota TRD start/stop button, and two-part epoxy. Step One - Get the TRD start/stop button assembly TRD parts can be sourced through your local Lexus or Toyota dealer's parts department or online. Ask for the button with the part number MS422-00003. There are knock-off switches for sale online that may look like a bargain. Beware that they may have the wrong plug-in configuration or are made of lesser-quality parts that don't meet Toyota's specifications. No modification should be needed to plug the TRD button into the existing wiring harness. Step Two - Pull instrument panel shroud away from dash Grab the instrument panel shroud where it joins the dash and pull it towards you. Make things easier by using a plastic pry tool to push down on the mounting clips. Step Three - Remove switch from panel Reach behind the panel and the start button. Push the button out of the panel. Pull it out enough to get to the wiring connector. Step Four - Unplug the wiring connector Pinch the retainer clips on the wiring connector and pull it out from the switch body. Step Five - Swap the switch bezels The TRD switch's bezel is smooth with a bright chrome finish, while the original switch has a recessed ring and a satin finish. If you’d prefer to swap them, carefully pry off the bezels from both switches with a jeweler's flat-bladed screwdriver and place the old bezel on the new switch. Use a few drops of two-part epoxy to mount the bezel. Re-crimp the back side of bezel back with pliers. Step Six - Pop the new switch into place Plug the wiring connector into the switch. Push the new switch into place, indexing it so that the text on the button is level when installed. Re-install the instrument panel shroud by pushing it in place. Now you can enjoy a sportier feel every time you start your Lexus IS.

Advanced Keys IS300 Push Start System
Advanced Keys Push Start System + Keyless Entry System installed on my L-Tuned Lexus IS300!! http://www.advancedkeys.com/Prod_AK103B.html If you do place an order, let them know that I referred you! =)

Lexus Engine Start With Dead Key Battery
In this video I demonstrate how to start your car with a dead key battery.

Remotely backing up a Lexus IS200 by key remote control
Got tired of people parking just too close to your car...So close that you even have trouble opening the door? The answear is here !! Remote start and backing up the car by the click of your key remote !! This is one for all electronic-mod-fans out there :)