Turbocombustion Green-Engine Technology See How It Works

Development of the TCEngine is halted in favor of a superior clean energy technology.

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Bourke Engine
The most efficient engine ever built.

They've used water in their engines
(en Español tambien on www.lulu.com) Since the end of the 19th century, several inventors have used water as an additive in internal combustion engines with the aim of reducing consumption and decreasing pollution. The best known nowadays is the American Paul Pantone. This reference work proposes an Exhaustive, in-depth approach to the subject through the experience of the authors who have industrialised their original version of these processes in the form of a "ready to use", miniature catalytic reactor. Order now : www.blurb.com Part 1 : A history of the main engines and processes using water to optimise combustion. Part 2 : The journey made by the authors from the first prototypes to the creation of the HYPNOW company in Aix-en-Provence Part 3 : Precise technical data allowing the comprehension and evaluation of the criteria necessary for the correct functioning of diesel engines equipped with an fuel economiser (including the plans of the SPAD and assistance with diagnosing problems). TABLE OF CONTENTS : Preface Part one : WATER IN ENGINES 1. Fouding myths 2. 1898 Clerget 3. 1920 Sabatier 4. 1928 Weber 5. 1931 The Catalex 6. The super carburettors (Pogue, Francoeur, Hérail) 7. The wood gasifier, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane 8. 1950 Cochez 9. Pratt and Whitney 10. 1974 / 1975 Chambrin 11. Alcohol or water 12. 1990 Meyer, hho 13. 1991 Markou and Pattas 14. 1998 Pantone, GFP GEET 15. Electrodynamic catalysation (plasma, ionized gases) 16. Believable explanation 17. 1st April 2008 (HRG) 18. Synthetic fuels 19. Fuel treatment 20. August 2008 Part two : HYPNOW 21. Storm warning 22. Copied already 23. The very beginning 24. Optimise 25. Patent or not patent 26. APTE and Morocco 27. 12th June 2008 28. The UTAC and CNRV are on a boat, they both fall in the water 29. I assure you 30. Volunteer testers 31. The 1001 motor pumps 32. Leakage on all floors 33. May 2008 34. 18th August 2008 35. 11th September 2008 36. Tunis 37. Egypt 38. Money makes madness 39. And Hypnow in all that ? Part Three : PRACTICAL INFORMATION 40. The Diesel engine 41. The injection pump 42. The load ratio 43. Injection pump governor 44. The mini-maxi governor 45. The "all speed" governor 46. Droop 47. Test protocol 48. History of reactors 49. The SPAD plans 50. Malfunction diagnosis 51. Epilogue Appendix : compatibility diagnosis

30.000 RPM CD Rom permanent erase. ©
More destruction, follow link. https://youtu.be/10TdbFUR0bk A Compact Disc on a Dremel spun up to 30.000 RPM, and touched with a pin removing the surface layer. The disc fell from the Dremel and shattered on contact with the ground. Do not attempt this at home, shards of plastic can puncture the skin at extremely high speeds. Eye protection was worn, during this disc erase.

3D movie - how a car engine works
File Code: NEG3 1 24 1 3D Production: MGD Computer Systems (2011) Client: King Fahad Naval Academy (KFNA) - Saudi Arabia ID: Islam Kasem 3D Animator: Ahmed Altelbany QC Specialist: Dina Fawzy PM: Ahmed Ghzaly