Kirkistown Track Day - Yaris T-Sport

On board 2002 Toyota Yaris T-Sport at Kirkistown Race Track Northern Ireland.

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Toyota Yaris 1.5 TS Turbo (Boost 0,5 bar - Internal stock) - Kit turbo Intercooler Centralina Unichip Motore stock - Boost 0,5 bar - 160cv

Toyota Yaris Gearbox Oil Change
Gearbox Oil Change Guide on a Toyota Yaris T Sport 1.5 P1/1st Generation. New Gearbox Oil W75/90. The procedures used on this video will be extremely similar for any other model of the 1st Generation Toyota Yaris, If you are going to replace the Gearbox Oil on your P1/1st Generation Toyota Yaris. The only differences will be is the torque setting for filler/drain plugs, Grade of oil, the amount of oil needed, filler/drain plug Washers and possibly filler/drain plug locations.

Mk3 Golf VR6 vs Toyota Yaris T-Sport VVT-i
Golf VR6 - 2.8 V6 12v. De-cat, full straight through Exhaust system, 6 branch manifold, Induction kit. Approx. 185bhp Yaris T-sport - 1.5 16v VVT-i. De-cat, Full straight through Exhaust system, 4 branch manifold, Apexi induction kit, Stripped. 125bhp Drag race from the lights, Yaris beats the Golf VR6 to about 70mph. Pretty impressive!!

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