Honda Dio 78cc Scooter in Japan

Here is a ride on my Honda Dio, was 49cc, now 78cc with a 28mm carb, expansion chamber, big intake manifold, later model Dio wheels, shocks, brakes. Nothing special in terms of the riding, just cruising around some streets in Japan. Wind noise affected the sound quality so I have muted a lot of it. Goes from 0 to 70kph in a few seconds then winds up to 90kph! Stops well with the front disc and race pads though. Lots of fun to cruise around on! Cheers!

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54MM piston is too tall and will hit crankshaft. The skirts must be shaved to supply clearance for full piston/crank rotation.

Honda Dio burn out
Отжег резины на Honda DIO af35. на 2:18 вообще огонь!)))

Honda Dio Project