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Honda Dio 78cc Scooter in Japan

Here is a ride on my Honda Dio, was 49cc, now 78cc with a 28mm carb, expansion chamber, big intake manifold, later model Dio wheels, shocks, brakes. Nothing special in terms of the riding, just cruising around some streets in Japan. Wind noise affected the sound quality so I have muted a lot of it. Goes from 0 to 70kph in a few seconds then winds up to 90kph! Stops well with the front disc and race pads though. Lots of fun to cruise around on! Cheers!


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HHO Honda Dio Scooter
A Honda Dio scooter set up with an HHO generator with ZFF v.2 PWM. for more info on pwm http://www.h2o2fromh2o.oregonsouth.com/index.php

54MM piston is too tall and will hit crankshaft. The skirts must be shaved to supply clearance for full piston/crank rotation.

Как разобрать, почистить, настроить, отрегулировать, собрать карбюратор скутера Honda dio
http://scooterprofi.ru/remont-skuterov/moi-video-po-remontu-skuterov/180 Как разобрать, почистить, настроить, отрегулировать, собрать карбюратор скутера Honda dio. Видеоуроки от Романа Буянова из серии "Ремонт скутера своими руками". Мой канал на YuoTube http://www.youtube.com/user/grafbuyanov Комментарии к видео на сайте http://scooterprofi.ru/remont-skuterov/moi-video-po-remontu-skuterov/180 Все видео по ремонту скутеров http://scooterprofi.com/blog/ Форум поддержки http://scooterprofi.ru/forum Обо мне http://scooterprofi.com/avtor.htm Отзывы http://scooterprofi.ru/vashi-otzyvy

kiko lima racing en la 80
kico lima probando la 80cc racing

honda dio(27) power
100 km/h( 72cc malossi, exhuast techigas, polini speed control and same other motifity.

5***** STARS ON THIS NEW PIPE!!! This is my take on the new big phongeer stroker pipe. I am impressed and more testing will be needed as I fine tune it to my bike.

Japan Scooter races FN Class 2005
Scoter races in japan

Scooter Stunts and Tricks Honda Dio
Scooter Stunts and Tricks Honda Dio

Honda Dio Project

Hydrogen Enhanced Honda Dio Resurrected! Philippines
The Return of the HHO-enhanced Honda Dio... it's back with a vengeance. Anyway, I temporarily attached a Super 7 Test Unit in it and observed the changes. It's just fun eversince. This afternoon... I was driving it for more than 2 hours... just pushing it to it's limit... It's much faster than before... I increased the AMPs rating of the cell in order to just squeeze more juice form it. It's just fun! Oh well... Life must go on. I hope you enjoy the videos. Maraming give-away tips dito. :-D - specially for safety.

honda dio yamaha jog suzuki seppia match on circuit

Honda Dio Cylinder Porting Simplified
This is my quest to make my dio engine more efficient, creating more horsepower. I will map the port timing , blueprint the engine and explain it in laymans terms, as I go along. I have never done this before , so it will make a good winter project.

Honda Dio burn out
Отжег резины на Honda DIO af35. на 2:18 вообще огонь!)))

Honda Dio Scooter Doing a Burnout
Heres Cliff doing a burnout on his old Honda Dio Scooter. Has had a couple on engine re-builds since!!

Low scooter Honda dio 27 air suspension на пневмо подвеске
Honda dio 27 + minarelli stage6 (aprilia sr) + air suspension = custum scoot Хонда дио 27 + минарелли мотор (априлия ср) + пневмо подвеска = Уникальный скутерок Одесса Ua И еще не всё довел до идеала. Разварка 7.5 Переднее колесо от gilera runner Мотор в тюнинге от stage6 Передний ящик а-ля Ruckster

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