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Indonesian police highway escort

Indonesian police using Yamaha XJ900S escorting VVIP to go to Lippo Village.


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2 harley davidson police motorcycle escort toyota camry

Indonesian Military Police officers escort funeral
Indonesian Police officers escort my grandma's funeral convoy. There were 17 vehicles in the group. Luckily, the road was quite empty that time, so we didn't really have to disturb other traffic users. Please excuse the video quality = )

Crazy driving LAPD Cops
Don't ever do what these LAPD motorcycle cops are doing. You'll get a ticket for sure...from these guys.....:-))

Sirine Patwal Polisi
Sirine Patwal Polisi Yamaha Moge

Indonesian Police Escort
Take a look on my video

Sirine Polisi Patwal BM, PM.
Sirine Patwal BM Polisi, Polisi Militer, Brimob.

police VIP escort jakarta

Police Chase - Indonesian street bike racing
Thousands of illegal street racers on scooters being caught by an unmarked police car. No siren, lights required.

Latest Police Highway Patrol Indonesia
Mazda 6 Indonesian Highway Patrol. Landun siren and LED lightbar.

XJ900P Indonesian

Indonesian Highway Patrol (police) escort my car in highway/freeway (Jakarta,Indonesia)
Take a look on my video about indonesian police escort my car.. please enjoy liat video gw tentang mbl gw dikawal oleh PJR

M5 Indonesian Police Car Design
andai mobil polisi Indonesia seperti ini.. hehe..

Police Operation, illegal bike race. Indonesia
Indonesian National Police arresting illegal street bike racers. Many of these racers use stolen or unregistered 100 cc 2 stroke motorbikes. Those arrested are motorists without driving license, registrations, headlights, license plate, speedometer, and helmets. They are a nuisance to the public, blocking traffic, causing severe/fatal accidents, and illegal gambling.

ferrari vs mitsubishi in jakarta
street race in jakarta

2 Indonesian police motorcycles escorting a convoy of cars - 1
This video was taken on 9 June 2012 by using a camera phone samsung note and have been having a bit of editing and compressing file size. This car uses : whelen amplifier 295hfsc9 whelen sa40 lo-pro with federal signal ts200n 200watt speaker led slim lightbars tbd059123 - 31 pattern strobo led dashboard federal signal viper s2 xingdun led-40

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