honda FIT drag racing

Stock FIT at the track

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"owned" by a Honda Fit at the track
TMP Cayuga. Hilarious Red Honda Fit

Honda Fit Drag Racing, "Битва Клубов", Минусинская взлетка, 16.08.2015
16.08.2015 на Минусинской взлетке состоялась "Битва Клубов", дружеские заезды на 402метра среди различных клубов Юга Сибири. Honda Fit 4WD 1.5 110HP. Music: Leader - Warrior Inside

Honda Fit Turbo 1/4 Mile 15.2
greddy bolt on turbo kit on 8 psi

Honda Fit street race
Out for a leisurely drive, minding my own business... Upon further review, I now know this was a not-so-new, standard Honda Fit. Which makes the whole thing even more baffling.