1972 Nova solid roller 406 SBC

Just finished the build and have some cleaning up and tuning to do still: Motor Specs: -400 sbc .030 over -stock crank and rods, forged trw pistons - lunati 60132 cam 243/249 @ .050 - AFR 210cc Heads -RPM Air Gap intake W/ 1" open spacer -Pro-Systems carb set up for road racing/Autocross

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SBC 406ci, Custom Solid Cam, Race Ready
My SBC 406ci. Street & Strip engine, Very nice engine ALL NEW. Carb to pan. AFR HEADS are angle milled with 2.08in / 1.625ex valves, Isky springs, Fully Custom ported and Polished AFR heads, Super vic Jr Intake Fully Ported and polished matched to heads, Custom Luniti solid Cam, AED custom carb, SRP pistons, 6" eagle h-beam rods, Scat crank, All internally balanced and Blue Printed. GM block, Zero Decked, Cylinders Eyebrowed, bored .30, Bottom end is clearenced for the 6" h-beam rods,

Solid roller cam xpipe 3"
85 Monte carlo street sweeper project 421 smallblock alum heads roller cam 4000 nos converter 456 gears 350 trans with transbrake 250 shot street radials. Drive in the track pump gas motor

70 Nova Idle
My 1970 Nova 550hp 406 CID SBC

1968 camaro 406 roller cam idle and reving.
Bored out 396 with a 640 lift cam 11 to 1 compression pistons. Barry grant 1185 cfm dominator. Thanks and enjoy Check out the Camaro forum Just click skip the add. http://d9d1d309.tinylinks.co