GTA4 Amazing Drift (ENB:L3EVO)

GTA4 Amazing Drift (ENB:L3EVO)

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GTA IV - DRIFT MOD / Fast And Furious Re-upload
GTA IV - DRIFT MOD / Fast And Furious Re-upload Gta IV - Drift Mod Gta IV - Drift Mod (Fast And Furious)

GTA San Andreas Tokyo Drift
De Uma Joinha agradeço ,Feito por mim (Bráulio Messi) é amigos no Samp ;) Esperto que Gostem. Download -GTA San Andreas-Tokyo Drift.RIP / PC / 591MB Nome: GTA San Andreas-Tokyo Drift Sistema : Win XP /win7/vista Ano de Lançamento: 2013 Formato: Rar/7zip Idioma: Ingles Plataforma : PC Gênero: Ação e aventura Jogo: RiP Controle: Teclado DirectX: 8.1 Video: GeForce DOWNLOAD t.html GAME.RIP Desculpem não poder traduzir pra vcs...

GTA 4 : Fast and Furious Part 2/2 (ENG Subs)
Follow us on: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: S&M Team available on Rockstarsocialclub The english subs are available! Orignal "The fast and the furious" parody Mod : Simple Native Trainer La derniere partie de notre projet fast and furious! Apres plus de 200h de travail et de problèmes rencontrés! Tous les credits vont à l'equipe du film original de fast and furious mais aussi à Rockstar, Microsoft, ModmyGta et enfin la S&M Team alias : Yaya94120, Madmatrax93100 qui m'ont beaucoup aider pour le tournage mais aussi DKDKnight et SFX6669 car sans eux aussi le projet n'aurait jamais abouti! Merci à vous tous les gars! Et à une prochaine (et je pense avoir déja ma petite idée!) Last part of our project! After more than 200 hours of job (for free) we did it! Enjoy and please rates and comments! For the song Buy it on iTunes!

GTA 4 - AMAZING Bike Stunts 7
Bike stunts performed using a PCJ 600 I have to thank a few people who without their help this video would not have been possible "Mistertomez" - explosions expert, stunt co-ordinator, bike & heli driver. "Kneejerker" - for your helicopter skills "Evilfarthard" - for driving the coquette "kuusko" for finding the spot at 5:40 - i had to do "Hardstylicious" - a fellow bike stunt expert who has helped with ideas and support - please check out his videos they are fantastic "NIGHTMARExNICK" - jumping off a bridge over a heli and landing on a boat was your idea. Thanks for this i'm just glad i could do it. Thanks to everybody else (too many to list) for your continued support and comments - it makes it all worth my while. For anyone who cares the intro sequence was shot in 1 take!! The clips have been put in sequence from day - night