Richie's 6 Puck Clutch Fail!

Richie bro trying to beast the SRTZ.. nd gets owned by the heavy duty 6puck ACT clutch!

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First Impression 6 Puck Clutch in Is300
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What not to do: Toasted ACT 6 puck clutch
Our buddy toasted an ACT 6 puck clutch right onto the pressure plate and here is what it looked like.

PPG Straight cut 1-4 ACT 6 puck drive.
My 03 WRX with my new PPG Straight cut 1-4 with billet forks. The gears really aren't that loud and if you have Exhaust done then you wouldn't really notice the gears when you get going. These gears are absolutely amazing! If you are wanting a sleeper then don't get these gears they will give you away every time lol.

Jeff's first 6 puck
Trying to get him on film stalling