1987 Pontiac Trans Am GTA digital dash

An old video taken of my 1987 GTA accelerating at just over 3.4 throttle, not quite wide open. It's a 305 TPI with the 700R4 automatic 4 speed, with 3.23 rear gears on Goodyear GS-Cs. Completely stock, about 70000 miles at the time of the video being shot.

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1988 Trans AM GTA digital dash overview
An overview of the digital dashboard.

1998 Trans Am WS6 #2728 conversion at ASC plant, June 1998
Video and photos taken by me on the day my brand new 1998 Trans Am WS6 (#2728) was processed by ASC to receive its hood, decals and air box setup. This was filmed in analog sometime either June 22 or June 23 1998 (currently awaiting confirmation). LS1 WS6 cars were shipped from the Boisbriand Qc F-body plant with Exhaust and 17" wheels already installed, leaving ASC to do the above mods before the cars were shipped via carrier back to the GM plant for distribution to dealers via rail or carriers. Normally the cars were shipped with "scrap" hoods which were first removed and tossed into a large bin (visible outside one of the side doors in the first stage) after the cars entered the outermost garage door. The cars were then driven around hood-less before having the stock LS1 lower air box removed and replaced with a larger-mouth Ram Air unit. The emissions label was moved to the side and the Ram Air label fixed in the center spot of the upper air cleaner lid. (my car was somehow shipped with a good hood, so I ended up with it in my basement along with the stock LS1 lower airbox :-) ). With the airbox in place, the composite hoods were installed along with the latch mechanism. Adjustment was sped along by a strap-like tool temporarily connected to the latch, to avoid having to constantly open the hood from the interior of the car. Ram Air hood decals were positioned using a template, as well as the rear "WS6" emblem. The car was then moved to the final stage in front of the exit door for visual inspection. Headlamp and final hood adjustment was done by bringing the car back into the shop through the center garage door (again, with a manual hood opening strap attached to the latch mechanism). Once complete, the car was backed out and parked against the east fence waiting to be loaded onto a carrier to be returned to the GM plant. In my case, I got the guys to pull the car back out of the lineup so I could take a photo of the car next to my GTA. I still own both cars. Special thanks to those guys at ASC's Montreal (Lachine) facility for their graciousness and hospitality and for tolerating my presence during their busy workday.

1987 Trans Am GTA 350 Digital Dash
1987 Trans Am GTA 350 Digital Dash WS6 with rear disc, TTops. This is about a week after i first got it running, after buying it off of someone who had it sit for 7 years, outside. Shes in good hands now

1988 Trans AM GTA Interior
this is my 88 GTA ive been restoring for a few years now. this is a test and a overview of the interior