Twin Turbo Lexus 1UZ V8 Ford Capri Race 4 Real 14/9/2011 pump E85 18psi Street tune

17-18psi Caltex E85 tune. making roughly 700rwhp & 740ft-lbs of torque. had to slow the car down for this meet, fastest allowed to run is a 9.00 as u can see we accidentally ran faster a couple times :(

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Miller Chassis 1uz Turbo Hilux Powercruise Hour of Power
I somehow scammed a 'HP' sticker. Was mainly outgunned but had a few wins.

Alfa vs Capri BTCC Support Race 2 2011
2 litre Alfa Giulia GT vs 3 litre Ford Capri in the Scottish Classics BTCC support race 2011

Toyota Supra MK3 1UZ Twin Turbo Dyno 1,5bar 739hp/957Nm
This 1UZ-FTTE is a R154 Transmission-Killer ;) Dyno run @ HG Motorsport September 2014 1,5 bar Boost 739hp/957Nm Dyno sheets here: for more information please visit Lextreme Forum and rmany More Boost next year... ;)

workshop prank blew my pants off
Practical joke while I was working on car it was an instant depantsing