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TOYOTA CROWN athlete 2004 (Stock No.2179)

ド派手なトヨタ クラウン 東京首都高速ドライブ LED Toyota Crown Tokyo Midnight Test Drive!
スティーブが金曜日の夜の辰巳パーキングエリアを取材 !そこで出会ったド派手にカスタマイズされたトヨタ・ クラウンのオーナー「コウヤ君」に袋とじ付きのフライ デーの雑誌をあげて交渉して、夜の首都高を試乗させて もらうことに。外装もさながら内装もかなり独特にカス タマイズされたかっこいいクラウンにスティーブのテン ションも最高潮! Steve has never been to the Tatsumi Parking Area (PA) on a Friday night before. He had no idea he would run into a crazy modified VIP class Toyota Crown. The car is covered in LEDS and strobe lights and has wild customization in and out. Wide body, huge tires, ridiculous stereo, too many monitors to count, exotic leather, GT-R Exhaust, LEDS everywhere, and much much more... Steve manages to bribe the owner with a dirty magazine to get a test drive on Tokyo's Shutoko - Wangan - Rainbow Bridge! Steve's POV All English Channel- スティーブ的視点英語チャンネル- Japanese with English subtitles. 日本語版 英語字幕 スティーブ的視点の公式サイトも見てください! Visit my new website: music: First song: Skull Fire by Jingle Punks Second: Lines by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena Third: Believe It by Jingle Punks New Releases Every Tuesday and Thursday 3PM PDT 日本時刻で毎週水曜日と金曜日の朝7時に絶賛配信中! Please visit my sites: スティーブ的視点関連ウエブサイト: Facebook- StevesPOV Website- Twitter- Instagram- Ebay Store- Ebay Liberty Walk LB- アメブロー Youtube- Steve's POV スティーブ的視点

Toyota Crown 1978 with rocks exhaust sound
I change the header mechanism to 4-2-2, and make it 2 Exhaust tube. i love the sound, its likes V8 engine :D This is the premium Japannese Car but has a American muscle cars or at least Holden taste! Enjoy, and say hello to me when you meet me on the road.. Viva Classic Car!

Kujira! A tidy 1971 Toyota Crown hardtop MS75 Music Credit: Created by Dylan Benson, and used with permission and much appreciation. Dylan Benson on Youtube: Dylan Benson on the web: RSS: Twitter: Facebook: