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What Color is this dress explained in Photoshop. De que color es el vestido
I see the dress as being white and gold. My brother sees it as black and gold. Photoshop clearly agrees with me. Mi hermano insiste que el vestido es azul y ...

2015 Shelby GT350 vs 2014 Camaro Z28 Dyno Comparison
The z28is hp is shown in a pink while the GT350 in Red. Torque for the Z28 is dark blue, vs light blue for the Shelby.

2016 GT350 Fastback in different color configurations
I am a fan of the new upcoming 2016 Shelby GT350 Fatback so I wanted to see how it will look in different colors other than the traditional white.

Saleen 2016 Black Label exhaust sound 750 hp
Saleen unveiled the 2016 Saleen S302 Black Label with over 700 horsepower. Up to date being the most powerful Saleen brand vehicle in its history.