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1921 Ford Model T Speedster Engine - Running

www.CharvetClassicCars.com A 1921 Ford Speedster Engine. These were among the first hot rods - modified from stock Ford engines. This car will run at 60 mph - compared to a stock Model T that runs at about 40 mph top speed. Enjoy!


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1920 Ford Model T Speedster RedBlk Renn081113
This car looks soooo perfect, it may have been made from modern pieces. I was surprised to see everything that was available to recreate America's most popular car in its heyday! At any rate, it's nice to have one of these around..this version was indeed sporty, great for cruising back lanes on a sunny day!

1917 Ambulance Run--Model T Ford.avi
Our Pioneer Flight Museum ambulance crew takes the 1917 Model T Ford Ambulance out on a mission. It is followed by a 1921 Triumph motorcycle.

My Rebuilt Model T Engine
Showing off my newly rebuilt 1922 Model T Ford engine.

Driving a 1921 Ford Model T Speedster
www.CharvetClassicCars.com Come for a ride in a 1921 Ford Model T Speedster! Enjoy the trip.

The history of the Model T Ford, Documentary. Full
The history of the Model T Ford and early Ford .Documentary

touring Top Install 1
Tips to Install Model T Touring Top video 1 of 2

UC Berkeley E128 Final Project - Model T Engine
UC Berkeley E128 Final Project - Model T Engine This is the result of weeks of work and all-nighters in the basement of Etcheverry. We used ProE to CAD parts and 3ds Max Design to animate. Beginning video courtesy of Ford Motor Company via Youtube. Song credits: Gimme Shelter and Jumpin' Jack Flash - Rolling Stones

1926 Model T Ford - First Start and Drive
A Running Chassis for a Roadster Pickup A few still photos at: http://www.pbase.com/jimthode/1926_model_t_pickup

Model T Speedster Drive By
Model T Speedster Drive by 2008

How to start and drive a Ford Model T
Operations manager Kevin Nelson explains how to start and drive a Ford Model T.

1927 Model T Ford

1928 Ford Model A Race Car
My friend's project race rat rod. It's a Ford Model A with an original engine, rebuilt by Dave. She still has a ways to go, but this nearly 85 year old car still goes down the road under its own power! So, this car would typically get around 30 miles per gallon. What the hell has Ford been doing for the last 80 years?

Ford Model T Half engine
I cut this T model Ford engine in half in 1957 using 11 hacksaw blades. The only part not cut with the hacksaw was the camshaft as it was too hard and had to ground through.

Ford Model T - Fifth Gear Legends
Over the coming months, we're going to drive some of our favourite cars of all time and we're starting with an absolute cracker. In this video, Graham gets to grips with the backwards controls of a 101 year old Ford Model T and tells the tale of the car that revolutionised motoring.

Dyno Testing a Model T Ford
Here's a stock 1914 Model T Ford running on the chassis Dyno at the MTFCI 2011 Annual Tour in Rochester, MN. This one delivered a whopping 12.7 HP to the rear wheels. But, that is enough to power this car at a nice cruising speed of 30 mph and a top speed of 45 mph.

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