first wheelie with using the clutch

filmed by GoPro HH Hero 2 - helmetview

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How to clutch wheelie??
Audio sucks but you can hear the basics..i plan on doing another one shortly.. i just about ran out of gas this round

wheelies, practicing 2nd gear clutch ups
just couldnt get em up there that day. lol you can see the bike moving around pretty good, it was pretty windy so im not sure if it was that or the two track groove in the road, either way, heres some sketchyness for ya lol Enloy!

wheelie tutorial
wheelie tutorial van mr motorrijder

Wheelie- How To 09 r1 1st Gear clutch
Me practicing wheelies on my 2009 Yamaha R1. 1st time using a GoPro Hero3. On an old country rd. All done in 1st Gear on Stock gearing. I need help with getting them up in 2nd.