first wheelie with using the clutch

filmed by GoPro HH Hero 2 - helmetview

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How to Wheelie a Motorbike
I short video I shot for AMCN on how to wheelie a motorbike. For more motorbike videos I've made, head to or

wheelies, practicing 2nd gear clutch ups
just couldnt get em up there that day. lol you can see the bike moving around pretty good, it was pretty windy so im not sure if it was that or the two track groove in the road, either way, heres some sketchyness for ya lol Enloy!

Beginner slow wheelies 1st day
This is me practicing slow wheelies for the first time. I'm trying to get the feel for the balance point. The bike's a '93 CBR600. Since the video, I have taken off the instrument panel, so it won't keep getting messed up, and it looks a lot better. Any tips or advice would be great. I don't even bother going fast while doing a wheelie, because I think slow controlled wheelies are cooler, and better to learn on. Plus I'm not even old enough to ride on the street, and parking lots aren't that big. Also, I want to compete when I get good, and I'll need to know slow wheelies more than fast ones. That was my third crash that day, but the bike's alright, and I am too since I was wearing gear. I also have an Icon spine protector under the Alpine jacket. And I'll have more videos up later of progress.

Clutch VS Power Wheelies
A quick comparision between Wheelies. This is extra footage I have had that never made it into supermoto sunday video's. I almost crash trying to show off. Some decent wheelies. Check out MotoMilitia: I have been working a lot no new footage and have to work this weekend so I don't know if I will have time to even edit extra footage next week so I shall return If I don't have something up next week. THANK YOU to everyone that watches, subscribes it means a lot to me. I will try to get some more group rides in but scheduling difficulties as of late.