2004 SRT-4 rattle gone after timing belt / water pump kit installed

After kit from Modern Performance was installed by the rattle appears to have disappeared. Kit includes aftermarket water pump, Mopar cam seals, Mopar timing belt tensioner, Gates Racing timing belt, and timing belt idler bearing.

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Dodge Timing Belt Replacement
Dodge neon Timing Belt Replacement

SRT4 Water pump failure part 2
A hint at what may have contributed to this failure. Sorry for the poor camera work I filmed this mid repair with my phone

SRT4 Water pump failure
Local car brought in for a coolant leak. The culprit may surprise you. See part 2 for more information. Sorry for the poor camera work shot with my phone mid repair job. Future videos will be better

Neon timing belt replacement
Dodge Neon timing belt replacement. The car had about 145K on the clock and it ended up being the original belt! Torque Values: Water pump to engine: 105 INCH/lbs. Timing belt cover bolts: 105 INCH/lbs. Tensioner bolts (the two smaller ones): 22ft/lbs = 264 INCH/lbs (I usually just do 250in/lbs) Tensioner nut: 22ft/lbs = 264 INCH/lbs (I usually just do 250in/lbs) Cam Sprocket: 85ft/lbs Damper/ accessory drive pulley: 100ft/lbs.