Banks GMC Sierra race truck practice

Check out the engine sound on this baby! With no smoke and a big-block sound you'd swear it wasn't a diesel! (visit for more info)

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Banks Sidewinder GMC Sierra
A pretty cool look at the Sidewinder GMC Sierra from bare parts to ripping it up at the track. (visit for more info)

What's Up At Banks - 10/30/15
We catch up with Gale as he takes us into the North Engineering Department where he gives us an overview of the Bullet Tuners... and just what makes them a step above the competition.

Sidewinder Dakota: Tow it
Vid of the Sidewinder Dakota towing its own race trailer just before its initial run at Bonneville. Listen to the engine on the drive by. If that doesn't get your oil pumping then you aren't a gearhead! (visit for more info)

Banks Sidewinder on Automaniacs
Goldberg talks about the Banks Sidewinder Dakota on his Automaniacs show. The Sidewinder's top speed of 222 mph makes it the world's fastest diesel truck! (visit for more info)