Subaru Leone Digi-Dash KNIGHTRIDER!

Wish I had taken a video while driving, digital speedos are BOSS! Exhaust was off at time, hence no turbo-spool. 1987 Subaru Leone (US: Loyale) turbo (EA82T, MPFI) - 130hp stock, IIRC. FreeBoosting it was running ~170hp. Not bad for an engine that had done 350 000km! Of course it did eventually grenade, but it was fun while it lasted.

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subaru gl 10 panel de instrumentos
panel electronico de subaru gl 10 turbo año 88

Red Digidash in 89 Subaru XT-6
As a fun project I decided to color change a Digital dash cluster out of an 86 Subaru XT turbo and install it into my 89 XT-6 that originally had a normal analog dash. You can see the original color of the dash in my clock, it was that strange orange previously. I'll be switching the color on the clock soon as well. Very few wires were different but you can see the temp, both inside and out and the turbo gauges are inop at this time. I also had to change the fuel level sender and change around some of those wire to get it to work. The car has an N/A EZ30 H6 so it'll be a while before the turbo gauge will work again.

Subaru leone/loyale 1.8 GL Automatic 0-97 KM/H
EA82 Engine, 0-97 KM/H

subaru 84 turbo coupe
digital dash, working AC, 4 speed D/R 4wd